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Keynote Topics

All of Dan's Keynote Topics can be customized to fit the specific needs of your organization or audience.

Overcoming Obstacles

Individuals and teams that overcome what appear to be insurmountable obstacles do it before the obstacles present themselves. It is part of the planning and goal setting that is fueled by a commitment to the unwavering pursuit of those goals. It is easy to say "I want to succeed." It is entirely different to say, "I am committed to doing the work it takes and making whatever sacrifices necessary to overcome all obstacles that cross my path in my pursuit of success." In Dan's presentation you will find out how committed you are to your goals and a strategy for anticipating all the obstacles you will inevitably have to face.

Achieving Your Peak Performance

Performing at the top of your game is both a skill and a process. While your peak performance improves with practice and training, the ability to perform at your top level is a trained skill. Dan will both give you a process to continue to make your best better, while also teaching you how to perform at your best anytime, anywhere and under any conditions.

What It Really Means to Win (Playing to Win)

Everyone wants to "win". But what does that really mean? Being a winner is much more than achieving a title or an award. It is a way of being that is defined by a person's passion, drive, perseverance, optimism and outlook on life. Dan's presentation will help you discover and target the "victories" that will truly motivate, inspire and change your life. You will walk away with new found courage to go after that which you have only dreamed of.

Team Building

What does it really mean to be on a team? What does it take to be a great teammate? Dan will answer these questions in a simple, precise manner. You don't form high performance teams, you build them. Dan will put your team on a path to success.

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Dan's book is an extreme testimonial to the relentless and unfailing human nature of hope, and one man's ability to over come any barrier to achieving his lifelong passion.

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