Above All Else

by Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

Above All Else

Where There Is Hope, No Obstacle Is Too Great

In 1992, author Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld survived a horrific plane crash in which sixteen of the twenty-two people on board were killed. Six weeks later, he emerged from a coma to find himself critically injured with a broken neck, broken skull, severe head trauma, a collapsed lung, and other serious internal injuries. Against all odds, Dan recovered and went on to become one of the greatest competitive skydivers in the world.

In his book Above All Else, Dan draws on his life experience to teach readers how to achieve their dreams, overcome obstacles, and reach their peak performance. He presents proven tools and techniques for achieving success and explains how they can be used in everyday life.

This book will...

  • Inspire you with its amazing story.

  • Give you concrete guidelines for how to achieve your dreams.

  • Provide you with tested tips for reaching your peak performance from one of the world's top coaches!

You were able to create a human connection and inspired everyone in the audience. I was delighted to perceive the flow of emotions while you were telling your story, shifting from awe to surprise, and ending with smiles and even some laughs.

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