About Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

Motivational Speaker, Author, Coach, and World Champion Skydiver

About Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

Bringing Out the Best

Dan's extraordinary talent for bringing out the best in others has made him one of the most influential people in the sport of skydiving and one of the most sought after coaches in the world. His strategies have led him to victories as a coach, competitor, husband, father and business owner.

As a top motivational speaker and author, he has been asked to share his message with an extremely wide variety of groups and individuals, including business executives, military groups, teachers and students, athletes and coaches. Find out what you and your team can learn from him.

Rising Star

A rising star in the international world of skydiving, Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld survived a plane crash which killed sixteen of the twenty-two people on board. He was left critically injured and woke up from a six-week-long coma with a broken neck, cracked skull, severe head trauma, a collapsed lung and other serious internal injuries. Against all odds, Dan recovered and went on to lead the USA 4 and 8 person Skydiving Teams to multiple World Championships. He also put together a team of 300 skydivers and set a new World Record for the largest Freefall Formation.

Challenge Everything

Dan's message connects to those challenging themselves in all aspects of life. Despite his personal success in sport, business, family and team building he is genuine, honest and comes across as a friend from the first moment. Somehow he is able to share his humble yet limitless self-confidence to enable others to discover and demonstrate qualities they didn't even know they had. His simple philosophies will inspire teams and individuals to believe in themselves and provides them with the tools they need to see their dreams to reality.

I wish I had the chance to hear Dan speak and read his book earlier in my life.

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