“ABOVE ALL ELSE” Give away!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Every day I am reminded of the many things I have to be grateful for.  I can only hope that in some way I am able to contribute as much to this game we call life as I take from it.  With that in mind I am giving away 25 copies of my book “Above All Else”.   And I want you, my friends, to tell me who to give them to.  Here is the plan:

If you’ve read Above All Else and know someone between 15 and 25 who you think would get something valuable out of it please respond on this blog by sending me:

Your name and email

The name, age, address and email of the person you want to send it to and why you think they’d like it.

I will send a book with a note inside telling them who it’s from to the first 25 names I receive.

Don’t worry, I won’t post any of the emails or addresses.

Thanks for your help with this!


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15 thoughts on ““ABOVE ALL ELSE” Give away!!”

  1. Hi Dan, please send a copy to my sister Jaydee Farrington, I really think she would enjoy this book as she is a young skydiver (26) following her dreams.
    Thanks you

    Jaydee Farrington
    C/O Grieveson Financial Services
    63 Chelsea Drive, Durban North
    South Africa, 4051


    PO Box 35723
    Durban North
    South Africa

  2. That’s very generous of you Dan. I know I was late, but I got your book about a month ago from Amazon. Right now I don’t know of anyone to give the book to, since I assume that all my friends and family, that are skydivers, already have a copy.


    André van der Poel

    1. Hi Andre,

      There is no requirement that the person be a skydiver. Let me know if there is some non jumping young person you want to send it to.


  3. I read your book a couple of years ago and it still resonates with me every day. My niece Lindsay Hamilton is turning 16 years old in March. She is a talented athlete (won athlete of the year in grade 9), she plays soccer and is a competitive freestyle skier. Like a lot of girls her age, she struggles with being “cool” and fitting in with other girls who care more about looking good and getting the guy then the things that really matter. I think Above All Else would be a fantastic book for her to read ~ perhaps it would help her to overcome her fears and get her on track to become the amazing women she is capable of being. She lives in Canada…here is her address, but if you would prefer to send it to USA my address follows (that is if you still have books left!). Thanks Dan – wonderful of you to give back in this way.

    Lindsay Hamilton
    516 48th Avenue SW
    Calgary, Alberta
    T2S 1E5

    Leigh Estabrook
    7737 Swiss Fairways Avenue
    Clermont, FL 34711

  4. I bought it from Amazon a while ago… and Germany might be a bit far away for a book copy ;-) just wanted to say that this is a very nice idea!

    Just wondering why only two people commented by now.

    1. Hi Kevin,
      There are many other responses but they have personal information on them and I’m not posting them to the blog. Stay warm in Germany!

  5. Hi Dan,

    This is a fantastic idea!! I borrowed my girlfriends copy of Above All Else awhile back and I just want to say thanks for sharing your story, I know it inspired me (and lead to me getting into 4 way haha).

    If there still are copies of your book left there is a guy I who I went to elementary school with whom I think your story would resonate with. From a young age he trained (for gaelic football) every day and played on the highest level, scoring the winning goal in the All Ireland Final a few years ago, he was 21 at the time. Anyway since then he has torn his ACL three times (surgery each time) and is currently in training to come back this season to again play for the county.

    Growing up this guy was the star of our little village team when I’d be on the sideline looking on (I wasn’t very good at gaelic football). I’ve read now that he acts as waterboy for the county team while he is recovering. I didn’t know a passion like that for a sport until I started skydiving and even though Colm may never jump I think he’d gain a lot from reading your story.

    I wouldn’t be that close to call him a friend or anything but he is going through a lot to get back into the sport he loves so if you wouldn’t mind sending a copy to Ireland I really think it’ll help out in some way. I’ll email his address.

    Thanks man & stay safe,

  6. Dan,

    I read the book and was blown away. I lost a best friend a few years back to a motorcycle accident. I would like to send the book to his younger brother who is a good athlete and could benefit from the book and align to it from when he broke his back playing football but didn’t give up and stuck with it.

    Westin “Wes” Narewski age 16 birthday today Jan 27th.
    35 Autumn Road
    Wrentham, Ma 02093

    I would like the message to say: Your Brother Austin will never be forgotten. He was like a brother to me and I want to share this important message from the book: “Don’t settle for anything less than your dreams!” I know what your capable of Wes.

    Thank you Dan! This would mean the world to me. If not available I will pay for another book just to have you sign and send it.


    Curt Vogelsang

  7. Hi Dan,
    First of all ”Hats Off” to you. Just read about you today, as I’m very much passionate, keen & interested in becoming a professional skydiver. I previewed your book and I’m able to connect well and have a strong feeling of change once I read it. So please do send me a copy, if u think it might help me. Could you suggest me how to start off with skydiving and where ?

  8. Hi Dan,
    I’m probably very late regarding the book but I wanted to say ‘hi’ and what a great idea. I just bought the book for myself from Christmas (it’s in the mail), but if you have any more to send I’d like you to send a copy to my nephew, Freddie, in England. He is 15 years old, competes in Pony Club tetrathlon & pentathlon (running, swimming, shooting, fencing & horse riding) at national level. He has excelled and is determined to do even better but he has his ‘O’ levels (for school) coming up and I know he is stressing about that. If you could send him a copy of your book I’m sure he would appreciate it. He has always enjoyed hearing about my skydiving adventures, and fortunately he is not the wayward teenager I was, he is a gifted athlete about to embark on the rest of his life and I’m sure you can inspire him just as you have inspired me.
    Cheers, and thank you. Georgie P

    Freddie Ryde,
    ‘Padget’ Flaunden Lane
    Hemel Hempstead
    Herts HP3 0PQ

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