I am loving being in my 50s.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Greene County Fusion 1986


Greene County Fusion, the 1986 USPA National 4-Way Silver Medal team.  Me, John Woody, Marilyn Kempson and Jim Fangmeyer.   Marilyn was the first woman to ever win a medal in 4-way.

I don’t know how it happened but not too long ago I could’ve sworn I was 26.  I was the youngest in my family and the youngest on my team.  Nearly everyone I knew was older than I was.  I must have slipped into some kind of a portal or time warp because suddenly I’m in my 50s.

I went to the doctor the other day for my 50 year old physical exam.  He could’ve been my kid.  I guess I was pleased to find out that despite all the new pains scattered throughout my body, there was nothing wrong with me.  The punk doctor respectfully said, “Really sir, you’re doing pretty well for someone who has put as many miles on his body as you have.”   (That was a compliment, right?)

To be completely honest I am loving my 50s.  I have developed somewhat of a new perspective on life, a perspective where I appreciate the good things more and worry about the negative things less, or not at all.  It takes a lot to get me angry and I don’t stay angry for long.  Though in the course of life there have been people who did something that really pissed me off, at this point there is no one I hold any kind of grudge against.   Where in the past there were times I carried with me the heavy burdens of anger, resentment and envy, now at 51 I seem to have let all that go and have a high degree of “not give a s…t”.  I remember the finer times with more appreciation than ever and see the best in people where the same qualities were sometimes hidden from me before.

I had a great experience last year which made me truly appreciate being in my 50s.  After 25 years of never all being in the same place at the same time my 4-way team “Greene County Fusion” got together for a reunion.  The last time we were all together I was 25 years old.  I had lived another entire lifetime since then.

This reunion was more special than I ever anticipated.  Had we gotten together after 5 or 10 years it wouldn’t have been the same.  Something about the passing of this much time which made me appreciate the years we spent together even more.  What a gift those years were, and even more so the chance to reunite after a quarter of a century.

It is too bad that so much time had to pass before I appreciated and valued friends, relationships and experiences to the level they deserved.  I wish I had realized in the moment the incredible times and life lessons that were taking place.  I may not have recognized the life lessons then, but I definitely knew we had some serious fun and that I loved them.

Just the same, I do try to pay more attention now.


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8 thoughts on “I am loving being in my 50s.”

  1. It even gets better when you are in your sixties….just a little more grey hair.
    Blue Skies & Soft Landings.


  2. Dan BC…not to worry brutha…at 55, I’m still doin it to it…pain or no pain…just takes a little “modification”…Airspeed still rules, and WTF is still the BEST VID of all time, and staying a part of the “Wheel of Life” is the key to it all. Great picture of the team from “the day”….maybe see ya in Eloy this summer…stay healthy.

  3. Nice pic! Next time on “3”, OPEN YOUR EYES!!! :) Yeah, getting older is pretty cool. Beats the heck out of the alternative, right?

  4. Youve got a Lot of living to do…don’t forget about guys in their 70’s also…You are great…The best to you always…

  5. As a 33 year old guy reading this… it’s a very helpful and eye opening article to read. Letting go and fully APPRECIATING the moment is oh so important. Thanks :)

  6. I’m just reading you book, Dan, and I love it very much. I am a 62 year old active skydiver and when I am reading this article i am experiencing same feeling you are writting about. We are living in an amazing time and thanks to you and your book I appreciating it more then ever before.

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