Give optimism a try, have a little faith

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We are all born as optimists. When I was four I thought I could fly.

Do you know people who see the worst in everything?  When presented with a particular situation they are blind to potential positive outcomes and instead expect the worst thing that could happen to happen.  They meet kind, warm, loving individuals and think they must have some ulterior motive for such odd behavior.  They go through life fearful, paranoid and insecure.  It’s shocking to me.  I don’t know how they get through a single day like that.  I can only think they’ve adopted this approach because by always anticipating the worst they consistently beat expectations and don’t risk being disappointed.

I also believe there is a lot to be said for “like attracts like”.  If that’s the case pessimistic individuals like these are going find themselves a member of some very uninspiring groups which will probably make them feel better about their misery.  (Maybe politics would be a good career path for them.)

I wonder what issues there were in a person’s childhood that led them to perceive the world this way.  I want to share my spiritual beliefs and tell them to feel the love and energy that surrounds them.  That positive thoughts and positive actions will give them positive results.  That optimism is attractive and contagious.  But before it gets too deep a much more simple thought comes to mind.  And that is this:

 [pullquote_left] Living as a pessimist must be boring as hell. [/pullquote_left]



Where is the fun?  Where’s the excitement, the risk, the wonder of thinking it’s possible for great things to happen and going for the best outcome even if it’s a long shot?

Many people are going through some tough times in their personal lives.  And between the economy, job market, international relations and entirely too many 24 hour a day news organizations looking for material it’s easy to view our world with low expectations.   But would it kill them to give optimism a try?  If they really think about the many ways we are all so lucky in comparison to so many less fortunate people, isn’t that proof enough the world has earned at least a little trust and faith from us?

I’m not saying we approach life looking through naive, rose colored glasses.   Be a realist but be an optimistic realist.  Nearly every situation has many possible outcomes.  It is our choice to decide which one we prefer and want to focus on.

If you ever find yourself leaning to the dark side of pessimism, WAKE UP!  Give optimism a try.  Have a little faith.  At the very least it’ll be a lot more fun.  What do you have to lose?




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6 thoughts on “Give optimism a try, have a little faith”

  1. I read somewhere that if we all tossed our problems into a big pile, we would each want to grab our own problems right back. We ARE lucky and there are SO many reasons to be thankful.
    Great post. :)

  2. I’ll be filing this in my “Pull your head out of your a55” file drawer, which his already overstuffed btw, for whenever I forget to be grateful because I’m so busy with “too much work”…Thanks for the reminder! =)

  3. I find myself on the pessimistic side of the fence way too often. I have had to haul my ass back over before getting bitten by the dog. I’ve learned to notice the fence-jumping before I get too far over.
    Thx for the perspective.

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