Introduction to my new blog about overcoming obstacles, discovering your true best and much more

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dan’s talking to you!

I hardly know what a blog is so it seems a bit odd to start writing one now.  But since my book “Above All Else” was published I’ve been contacted by many friends and readers via email and facebook.  Most have similar questions and could benefit by hearing from others with the same thoughts and concerns.  A blog seems like the best way to open up the conversations.

If we haven’t been officially introduced my name is Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, author of Above All Else, published by Skyhorse Publishing in NYC.

Like many small children as a young boy I dreamt of flying.  This dream led me to the sport of skydiving and lit a competitive spirit in my heart.  It wasn’t long before I set my sights on becoming a world champion.  On the path towards that goal I was faced with many obstacles including more talented athletes, highly sponsored teams, lack of resources, fear of failure, fear of embarrassment and fear of injury.  But the biggest obstacle was a plane crash which took the life of 16 friends, including one of my teammates who was like a brother to me, and left me critically injured in a coma for six weeks.

Fortunately, I recovered and helped lead my team to multiple US and World Skydiving Championships.   I have used the lessons learned on this journey towards success as a coach, competitor, friend, father, husband, writer, speaker and entrepreneur.  And it is these basic, fundamental life lessons I share in the book and would like to share with you in the blog.

Above All Else is not about skydiving, it’s about getting everything out of life that we can.  I also like to think it’s more than the normal motivational book. It connects to people reaching for ambitious goals in all aspects of their lives.  It’s appeal so broad it has been endorsed by leaders in a wide range of fields including peak performance expert Tony Robbins, business genius Chet Holmes, women’s self help advisor Melody Beattie, and world renown sports psychologist Jerry Lynch.

I hope you’ll give it a read and that you get something valuable out of it for yourself.  If you’d like to discuss something in particular please leave comments and suggestions on the blog.  Topics of conversation are likely to include:

– Overcoming obstacles before they happen.

– Defining your true best and turning it into your average.

– How it is that the right people and opportunities begin to present themselves when you go after your dreams.

– Why the world deserves your trust.

– Training and trusting your instincts.

Just to name a few.  Please join in the conversation.  I’d love to hear your input, ideas and questions.

More blogging to come, talk to you soon.

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About Dan

Author, Speaker, Coach and World Champion Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld will show you how to create champions and build winning teams.

8 thoughts on “Introduction to my new blog about overcoming obstacles, discovering your true best and much more”

  1. Dan, buddy… Above All Else was just too good. You can’t stop there. So keep blogging. I’ve signed up to receive emails when you do new posts. Looking forward reading your posts. Keep writing. And do some more TED talks would you. You can’t just tease us with 1 and not do any more. :) YOU ROCK!!

  2. I like this idea, Dan… especially for people who don’t get to see you very often.

    I think the biggest message I got from reading “Above All Else” was that a person will never reach any goal unless he is fully committed to it and wants it more than anything else in the world (at least for a planned amount of time). Take me, for example. I have wanted to take a 4-way team to Nationals for over 30 years. But I never got it done. Now I could cite a whole host of reasons (excuses are more like it) but it wouldn’t matter. It all boils down to this: I simply didn’t want it badly enough.

    But this year I do, and at the tender age of 60 I am training with an Intermediate 4-way team and we are going to Nationals. We have a great coach (who you mentored, by the way) and we are each working his/her butt off to do a personal best at Nationals.

    Training with this team has taught me a lot about myself. I learned, for one, that I wasn’t pushing physical fitness nearly enough. I always made excuses to myself about my bad back or whatever – anything to let myself off the hook and cut my workouts short. Since I started training with Fusion, my fitness level has improved and I feel better than I did 15 or 20 years ago.

    It is exactly what you said in your book, in so many words. A dream will never be anything more than that if you don’t want it more than anything else in the world and are not willing to do what it takes to achieve it. So 30 years after doing some pretty good 4-way with you at Xenia, Ohio, I am finally willing to do what it takes (for one year anyway) to make it to Nationals with what I consider to be a damned good Intermediate 4-way team!

    1. Thanks for all of your support guys. I’m going to do my best to approach this blog as if we were just hanging out and talking with friends like we always have. I’ve been avoiding it for a while but if Ed taught me one thing from his comments its that it is never too late. More to come!

  3. Thanks Dan

    I always find your words of wisdom useful and, at times, challenging.

    I’ve signed up to get notification when there is a new posting so I’s expect them on a fairly regular basis – isn’t that what blogs are about – frequency? :-)

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