Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes. I am truly lucky to have so many friends across the world. Many of these friends have told me that they found very valuable lessons for themselves in Above All Else. Lessons that aren’t about skydiving, but that they have been able to use towards setting and reaching goals in all aspects of their lives.

Unless a new author is a big name celebrity the publisher does very little to promote a book and expect the marketing effort to come from the writer. My publisher asked me who I knew that could help me “get the book out”. I told them my best connection to the world is through the international family of skydivers. They almost laughed at me. And went on to tell me how skydivers were a very limited, fringe group that probably didn’t have much reach outside of the extreme skydiving world.
I told them that we (skydivers) are everywhere! We come in all shapes, sizes, ages, genders, ethnicities, nationalities and economic backgrounds. We have infiltrated every part of society in every country on the planet that has airplanes! That we are often undercover. That he may be speaking with someone he would never expect to be a skydiver but behind the mask of being a “normal person” he or she is really one of us.

This fact has never been better demonstrated than it was this past week when I received two invitations for speaking engagements at two completely different venues.

The first is for Wal Mart. I’ll be speaking to a group of 150 of Wal Mart’s top International Executives.
The second is at the East Los Angeles Youth Detention Center speaking with kids from 11 to 18 who have been incarcerated for crimes from theft to murder.

Both of these opportunities came to me through skydiving friends.

It is truly exciting (and a bit terrifying) to think about what lessons I have to share with Wal Mart executives and troubled youths that can help them both overcome their obstacles and reach their goals. What a wonderful opportunity for me to have the chance to give something valuable to them.

If anyone that has read the book has ideas of what would be the best ideas to share I’d love to hear it.

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  1. Thanks for the great book Dan. I have read it twice and really enjoyed it. I gave a copy to my best friend who is not a skydiver, and he said it had many valuable lessons about how to approach and live life that translate well to most aspects of living. This guy is not one to give easy compliments either. It is a very powerful story with many valuable lessons about how to live a great life, and it is a really good read too. I could go on all day about the things that I learned from the book, but it would be better if other people just bought and read the book for themselves. Hey all you out there who are reading this comment and have not read the book: What are you waiting for?

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