Monday, November 28, 2011

The book has been out long enough now that I’m starting to get a lot of responses from a wide range of people. There is one particular common theme that I think is worth mentioning. The first half of the book is mostly done as somewhat of an autobiography. In it I chose to share particular stories from my life which had a direct effect on giving me the confidence, belief and motivation to engage in a life aimed at pursuing my dreams. What I’ve heard from many readers is that the stories I spoke of are very similar to stories from their own lives. But, prior to reading Above All Else they had never realized that all of their own stories were also opportunities for lessons they could have used to learn and grow from. Looking back they realized that the lessons were hanging right in front of them the whole time. Each of them said they wished they had realized this sooner, but were so glad to recognize these opportunities for learning even now because it wasn’t too late to put them to good use in their lives.

This, as much any other reason is why I wrote the book and I am so glad it has come through in the writing.


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  1. I just finished reading “Above All Else” by Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld … picked it up yesterday and finished it today. To my skydiving friends, you likely already have an interest in Dan’s wisdom … but I want to take time to recommend this book to ALL my friends … It isn’t about skydiving … it’s about life … and what YOU need to do to accomplish your personal goals, professional goals, relationship goals … The strength of the message I received is this … If there is something you desire in this life, a better job, greater wealth, greater happiness … and you have not yet achieved it … The sooner you assign accountability to YOU, and assess and revise YOUR commitment to what you say you want … the sooner you will proudly achieve your stated desires.

    I am thankful I met Dan when I lived in Arizona for two and a half years … I am thankful I got to experience both east and west coast skydiving … and I am thankful to have read this book, to reinforce my belief that only through overcoming challenges you fear will defeat you, can you begin to realize the potential ahead of you.

    Thanks Dan … Well done my friend … a very good read.

    To the rest of my FB friends – go to and buy Dan’s book – apply it to your life, your company, your dreams … You won’t be sorry …

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