Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just returned from the US National Skydiving Championships. What a fantastic time. Our teams from Perris did a great job and I had a chance to jump with many old friends and teammates from Airspeed. I haven’t trained full time with Airspeed since 1999. And I can’t fully express what a fantastic privilege it is to still have the opportunity to compete on the team with them. The years with Airspeed were some of the best years in my life and the friendships we made will last forever. I wonder if most people ever have a chance to be a member of a business, sport of family team that means as much to them as the original Airspeed team does to me. I hope so. It is an experience everyone should have. Hanging out with Jack, Mark and Kirk brings back so many fantastic memories. I would do anything for those guys. Seeing Shannnon Pilcher back in action, flying strong like the champion and amazing human being he is was the highlight of the meet. I only wish that USPA held the Nationals twice a year. It is too much fun to only have once every 12 months.

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  1. Have not trained together since 1999, entered 4way open class, and place 6th! Against teams that trained together full time for the entire year!! Are you kidding me? You guys rock!!!


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