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  • With the Golden Knights

    Just say no? No. Say “yes”.

    Recently I was presented with the opportunity of a life time, a chance I never thought I’d have, literally a dream come true. It’s hard to believe but I almost said “no”. This year I attended my 32nd US National Skydiving Championships. In an earlier life I dedicated years to excelling in Formation Skydiving competition. […]

  • Photo by Craig Obrien

    You haven’t lived until you’ve gone low on a world skydiving record attempt

    Skydiving is a sport like any other with plenty of mistakes we sometimes make when playing the game. In baseball we might “strike out”. In football we could “fumble”. In Big Way Formation Skydiving we “go low”. For my non-skydiving friends let me explain what “going low” means. When we are doing large freefall formation […]

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