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Discover You Inner Champion

Author Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld draws on his personal experience of overcoming tragedy, loss, and adversity to help others tap into their inner strength and discover confidence in themselves they never knew they had.

As a World Champion Skydiver and award winning Coach, Dan has fought against the odds and achieved incredible success. Through his writing, Dan aims to provide his readers with the skills and tools they need to overcome the obstacles holding them back and to start living their dreams.

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  • Above All Else

    Above All Else

    An extreme testimonial to the relentless and unfailing nature of hope and one man's ability to overcome any obstacle in order to achieve his lifelong passion.

Not only did he pull us into the story, but he made us feel the emotions of the experience. At times, we forgot to breathe - holding our breath until the outcome was described, and then we would remember to let it out and take another breath.

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